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The Island of Grenada is a top vacation destination for visitors from across the world. The island offers year-round recreation and relaxation for family vacations, work-cations, romantic getaways, and any other excuse for a vacation rental. With thirty-two miles of open beaches, delicious locally-owned restaurants, and a variety of attractions for visitors of all ages, The Island of Grenada has everything for a perfect vacation.

Accommodations for your vacation in Grenada the island of spice

When you’re in the mood for a getaway that combines the best of tropical living, lush shorelines, and colorful culture, look no further than the beautiful island of Grenada. This Caribbean nation is packed to the brim with stunning reefs, rainforests, and mountains making it one of the most visually satisfying stops imaginable. Come relax under the sun or take a tour. Wherever your adventures lead you, you’ll want to be sure you’re booked into one of our beautiful Grenada homes for rent while you’re here.


Experience the beauty of Grenada in one of our vacation rentals

One of the biggest improvements on the island of Grenada is the fact that it has become more accessible from anywhere in the world. Currently, the number of flights to Grenada, West Indies has increased, as well as, the destinations from where you can fly directly to Grenada. Furthermore, a few years ago, visitors coming to Grenada, had to make a few stops. Grenada caters to visitors of all tastes and sensibilities. Take your pick from sublime Caribbean music and cuisine, pristine waters, historical museums and galleries, and a dynamic festival scene. Make a stylish city apartment your base to navigate this famously idyllic island.


Welcome to GrenadaVacation.com!

Our mission is to help travelers to Grenada WI find and book the perfect vacation rental for their next visit to Grenada. Whether it’s a week-long trip with your children, a romantic long weekend with your spouse, or a reunion with a large group of friends – we have a Grenada vacation rental to suit your every need. You deserve time in the warm sunshine, swimming in the crystal clear waters of Grand Anse Beach, and getting away from all the stresses of home. 
Things to Do in St. George’s, Grenada?
The options for a fun Grenada vacation are endless. From the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park, and all the way down to laid-back Grand Anse Beach, just get yourself to Grenada and the rest will handle itself. Here are a few vacation hot spots:
  • Underwater Sculpture Park: A artistic cluster of submerged sculptures in Moliniere Bay just north of St. George’s. British artist Jason deCaires Taylor crafted the initial figures, with later contributions from Grenada’s Troy Lewis and Rene Froehlich.
  • Explore Fort Frederick: When the French troops constructed Fort Fredrick in the year 1779, Fort Fredrick was designed for war and defense purposes. Today, over 200 years later, Fort Fredrick still stands as one of the most historic sites and a symbol of Grenada history. Visitors are afforded a panoramic view of Grenada’s southwestern coastline. Fort Frederick is open 6 days of the week except for Sunday.
  • River Antoine Rum Distillery: A visit to the River Antoine Rum Distillery is a trip back in time to the way rum was produced some 200 years ago throughout the Caribbean. The oldest water-powered rum factory in the Caribbean may look like ruins, but it’s still making fine libations inside its ancient gray walls. Take a guided tour around the grounds to see the distillation vats, boilers, and the the18th-century waterwheel that still powers the sugarcane-crushing machinery.
  • Spicemas: To Grenadians Spicemas is an expression in all their glory, culminating during the second Monday and Tuesday in August. Filled with pageantry and expression linked to African, British, French, and Caribbean heritage, Carnival is colorful, humorous, and full of surprises. Calypsonians, steel pan bands, beauty contestants, fancy mas bands, and others perform and parade to compete for Carnival honors. Grenadians gather to watch, participate and enjoy.
  • Cruise around the Island: Grenada is at the southern end of the great yachting route across the Caribbean, and one of the last places in the West Indies where you can still find traditional wooden sailing craft. There are a lot of different ways for visitors to get out on the water, and a circumnavigation of the island by motorboat or catamaran is a great way to compare the contrasting scenery and vibes of the coasts. The family-oriented trips include snorkeling a coral reef and lunch on a small, deserted island with views across the water to mountainous Grenada.
  • Hike the Seven Sisters Waterfalls: The Seven Sisters Waterfalls offers a glimpse of Grenada rain forest wilderness in the highlands in and around Grand Etang Forest Reserve. The first section meanders through an ancient volcanic crater filled with small farms where nutmeg, cinnamon, sugarcane, papayas, and mangoes are cultivated. The second stage leads down a steep and muddy incline to the lowest of the Seven Sisters Falls, where you can swim and sun. The daring can jump from the top of the highest cascade into a deep pool. The trail to the falls is not well marked; rather than strike out on your own, sign up for a guided hike.
  • Grand Anse Beach: The silky stretch of sheltered white sand and turquoise water where vacationers and locals can go swimming, kayaking, diving, snorkeling, or just relax with a book or just enjoy the view of St. Georges, this world-famous beach spans two miles/three kilometers along the southwest coastline. Nearby water sport specialists,  restaurants, hotels, and a Vendors Market which offers a variety of services and local products.
Why book a Grenada vacation rental?
A vacation rental offers you the space, privacy, and amenities of a home – all for a fraction of the cost of a traditional hotel. If you’re coming with a large group, booking one house for everyone saves hundreds of dollars over a block of hotel rooms.
Many of our rentals are located in quiet areas. Other rentals even come with high-end amenities like a home theater, patio with grill. Your vacation also would not be complete without the Wifi, Flat-screen TVs offered by many vacation rentals.
Need more benefits to rent a vacation rental with GrenadaVacationRental.com? How about the fact that each house rental contains a kitchen, meaning you can save money on self-cooked meals at home, rather than expensive dining out. You’ll also have more flexibility with your length of stay. If you’re looking for an extended trip, many rentals accommodate long-term stays of a month or more.
Why book on GrenadaVacationRental.com?
We also allow travelers to connect directly with owners, removing communication restrictions normally placed on rental sites. 
We also charge NO service or booking fees – which saves you 20% over other rental websites.
Lastly, our team consists of rental industry experts, and we take pride in providing the best customer service to our users.
We hope you enjoy shopping around our site and finding the ideal vacation rentals in Grenada West Indies.

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