Best Waterfalls in Grenada

Grenada may be surrounded by beautiful beaches, but for many vacationing on the island, it is the waterfalls of the spice isle’s mountainous interior that leaves the biggest impression. From photo-worthy cascades to rain forest chutes with inviting natural pools. When visiting the Isle of Spice, you should make every effort to visit these wonderful Waterfalls.

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What You Should Bring on Your Grenada Waterfall Hike
  1. Sunscreen
  2. Mosquito repellent
  3. Hat
  4. Water
  5. Packed lunch
  6. Snacks (energy bars, fruits, etc)
  7. Change of clothes if you want to swim in the falls
  8. Towel
Royal Mount Carmel Waterfalls

Royal Mount Carmel Waterfalls

On Grenada’s east side, 3 miles (5 km) south of Grenville, Grenada’s second-largest town is the island’s largest waterfalls., which plunge into a pristine pool from 70 feet overhead. Though the Royal Mount Carmel Waterfalls are a sight to behold, part of the joy lies in getting there via an easy, half-hour hike through a private plantation, where local spices and tropical fruits grow in tidy rows. It’s easy enough to find the falls on your own from the gate, where you’ll be charged a small fee of EC$2.50 (less than USD$1) to enter the property, but consider engaging the services of a guide, who can offer fascinating local insight into everything growing around you. Hiring a guide is not mandatory and it is certainly not necessary. The Royal Mount Carmel Waterfalls hike is approximately 15 minutes each direction. Your reward at the end of your hike through the jungle will be the chance to swim and slide off natural rocks in the pool at the base of the falls.

Concord Falls

Concord Waterfall is located about 12 1/2 miles north of the parish St. George’s on Grenada’s west coast, Concord is the only waterfalls that is accessible without hiking there. When you arrive take a splash in the fall, or just take time to enjoy the rainforest surroundings, if you don’t want to get wet, take selfies or video to share on social media and be the envy of everyone back home. Concord Waterfall has local vendors selling spices at the top of the falls. Your guide will show you the different plants and trees in the surrounding areas. Your visit to the falls will be great experience. #GrenadaWaterfalls

Annandale Waterfall

Annandale Waterfall

Annandale Waterfall Situated in the St Georges parish is perhaps the most popular of Grenada's waterfalls because of its easy access. You can drive to the entrance of the falls and walk down a concrete sloped walkway lined with local fruit trees and flowering plants to the waterfall. Annandale Waterfall is just a 20-minute drive northeast of St. George’s and a short stroll along a paved path from the nearest parking lot. The Annandale waterfalls drop from a height of 30 feet (9 meters) into a pool below. During peak tourist season, cliff divers, ukulele players, and Mona monkeys add to the fun atmosphere.

Seven Sisters Waterfall

Situated in the parish of Saint Andrew, approximately a 30 minute drive from St George’s, Seven Sisters Waterfall is the most iconic of all Grenada Waterfalls. Seven Sisters waterfalls are situated high up in the Grand Etang National Park. If you are a hiking aficionado, and are considering a hike through the rain forest, then you should make the Seven Sisters Falls one of your destinations. This is not a very difficult hike, and it will take you through a private plantation where you will get the chance to see cocoa, nutmeg and banana trees and how they are grown. The hike to the falls only takes about 45 minutes, and you will pass through part of the rain forest to get there.
Once there, There is an entrance fee of 5 EC per person, you can swim or relax by the water. The pools of water at the foot of the falls are quite large, and the swimming is very refreshing after hike as the water is cool.

The Golden Falls Grenada

The Golden Falls

The Golden Falls located in the Parish of St. Andrew is gained mass popularity among visitors. This hike is pretty intense, ropes are involved, and we always recommend going with a guide. The reward? A hot and cold (sometimes just cold) sulfur waterfall bath. A visit here is a must for any adventurous soul planning a vacation on the island of Grenada. The waterfall is named the Golden Falls because of the orange colored minerals that fall down the waterfalls rocks. This is a 1hr 30 minutes hike to the falls, and 1hr 30 minutes returning hiking experience for those in physically good shape. There are some parts where you need to abseil up and down sheer rock face. Need to go with an experienced local. It’s a full day hike, with certain parts abseiling up the rock face.