Family Vacation In Grenada

Grenada is an amazing island in the Caribbean that avid travelers should visit at least once in their lifetime. Whether they prefer to visit this region with their family or friends, Grenada has a lot to offer for everyone.

Grenada boasts the same alluring qualities as any other Caribbean island. The soft sands of Grand Anse Beach call to sun-seekers, while the numerous diving sites beckon to those who prefer a day under the waves. But once you set foot in Saint George’s, you’ll quickly realize that Grenada is not a cliché Caribbean getaway. To truly experience this one-of-a-kind place, sample some rum punch at the River Antoine Rum Distillery and savor the rich scent of nutmeg on a spice plantation tour.

Today’s life is quite stressful as most people have to juggle work and family. That is why they find it hard to find free time to spend a memorable vacation with their loved ones.  But, taking a break from work is necessary to get rid of one’s stress.

Why Go for a Vacation

Going for a vacation at least once every twelve months is necessary because of the following reasons:

  • To refresh your mind and body. A vacation will lead you to a new place with an unfamiliar atmosphere. This will free your mind from the stress you are likely to have in your usual setting. A vacation with the people you love should be relaxing and exciting.
  • Strengthen your family bond. Making time for your family and going for a vacation with them can promote family bonding. This makes it important to plan for a trip to your family’s favorite location where you all can have quality time together. Choose a destination like Grenada where family activities abound waiting for families to explore.
  • Make memories. Taking your family to a wonderful destination lets you build memories together. As long as the trip is well-planned, there should always be good memories to remember.

Where to Go with your Family or Friends in Grenada

Grenada is home to many architectures, establishments, and natural wonders that visitors can explore. If you are planning to have a family vacation in this beautiful country, below are some of the places you should visit.

Things to do vacationing in Grenada

St. George’s Anglican Church Grenada WI

Visit St. George’s Anglican Church

Located in St. George's this historical church was not left untouched by bad weather of Hurricane Ivan. It suffered some significant structural damages and since then, repairs have been underway to restore its ceiling and gallery. You can still visit this 1825 structure and learn its rich history.

Visit Black Bay Beach

The sands of Black Bay Beach is in fact black. This exotic, volcanic beach located in the town of St. John is considered one of the most gorgeous beaches in the Caribbean. Here you’ll find a cave the family can explore. The cave has markings from the Amerindians, the earliest settlers on the island.

Visit Fort George

Fort George, the 1705 fort that was first called Fort Royal when the French ruled Grenada. Later on, the Britain took over and renamed it after King George III, and this name is still used today. Fort George was strategically built; it offers an aerial view of the capital of St George and the harbor below. Though it is the oldest fort on Grenada many of its old buildings are still standing today and can be accessed via tours.

Visit Grand Etang National Park

Towering 1900 feet above sea level, this national park contains approximately 1,000 hectares of lush vegetation, mountainous terrain and various ecological subsystems. It is home to a wide range of vegetation and wildlife including the Lesser Antillean tanager, Mona monkey, broad winged hawk and mongoose. The Grand Etang National Park is part of the Grand Etang Forest Reserve.

Partake in Spicemas Celebration

If your Grenada is in August, then definitely partake in the carnival celebrations, The Grenada’s carnival is called Spicemas, and it shares some similarities with other celebrations throughout the Caribbean: parades, music, costumes, and competitions. One of the most memorable parts of the celebration is J’Ouvert, a parade of masqueraders with oil-slathered skin and horned helmets.

Join a Hiking Group

Take advantage of the trails throughout Grenada. The rainforests provide some especially breathtaking scenery. “There are about seven different beautiful waterfalls that you can hike to. Travelers who might be nervous about hitting the trails alone can join the Grenada Hash House Harriers group every Saturday. The weekly meetup invites hikers of all fitness levels to come join in on a walk or run.