Grenada Best Beaches

Great Beaches in Grenada

Grenada offers much more than just beaches, the Spice Isle, with its 75 miles of gorgeous coastline, still has some of the Caribbean’s most beautiful stretches of sand. Grand Anse’s irresistible beauty is fairly well, but the rest of the coastline also has a lot to offer travelers looking to explore. Immaculate sand, crystal clear waters, and incredible views of the Caribbean, this island has a massive 45 different beaches for vacationers to explore.

Here is our compiled list of the best beaches in Grenada to help you decide where to swim, picnic, write messages in the sand, dive, sunbathe, or build a sandcastle.

Morne Rouge Bay

Morne Rouge Bay

Morne Rouge Bay, better known as BBC Beach, You can stroll to Morne Rouge from Grand Anse Beach, which is just north of this shallow cove. It offers calm waters that are ideal for kids and inexperienced swimmers. Several bars and restaurants are attached to the beach and lounge chairs are available for rent.
Morne Rouge is home to La Plywood Beach Bar, a ramshackle-but-beloved spot overlooking the bay on the northern end of the beach with a chalkboard menu, killer Lion fish, and frosty rum punches spiked with island fruit.

Grand Anse Beach

Grand Anse Beach

This is the most popular beach on the island, and for good reason. Grand Anse is a two-and-a-half-mile stretch of soft, white sand. Lining the beach are a few bars and restaurants, plus a couple of resorts, none of which are tall, cement monstrosities. You'll find numerous almond trees on the beach, which act as a perfect natural umbrella when you want (need) to seek out some shade. The Caribbean Sea is exactly the clear blue color you imagine it would be, and come sunset, the sky turns to a golden orange hue. This beach is perfection.

Duquesne Bay Grenada

Duquesne Bay

Located in St. Mark along the Western Main Road, Duquesne Bay beach is known for its black sand and ancient Petroglyphs. Duquesne Bay is lined with coconut palms and thick tropical foliage that provide plenty of shade. The shallow waters here are sheltered enough for pleasant swimming and snorkeling, You’ll want to spend some of your vacation searching for the ancient petroglyphs carved into rocks, One of the sites of Ameri-Indian hieroglyphics in Grenada. The area was named after a Kalinago who was often in struggles with the French in the 1700s.

Grenadas Levera Beach

Grenada's Levera Beach

The largest population of nesting leatherback sea turtles in Grenada haul themselves ashore the Levera Beach within the 450-acre Levera National Park on the northern tip of Grenada. The beach itself is lined with eroded cliffs, an indication that the waters here are often too rough for swimming, The area is surrounded by mangroves, making it the perfect location to admire local nature without having to worry about other tourists.

Magazine Beach

Magazine Beach

Magazine Beach, also known as Rex beach, and Aquarium Beach. Whatever you call it, it is one of the best beaches in Grenada. You can get to Magazine Beach by taxi. There is no public transport network here. The waters here may often be too rough for swimming but visit Magazine Beach if you are looking for seclusion, but still want to be close to the action. Depending on the day or time of day you get the feeling that Magazine Beach is all yours. When the water is calm, snorkeling and kayaking just offshore are popular daytime pursuits.

Bathway Beach Grenada

Bathway Beach

Beach is by far be the most festive of all Grenada beaches. Food, drinks, music, and lots of people. If you happen to be in Grenada on a national holiday and you are up to it, then pack the swimsuit and head north for a day of fun. You will find Bathway Beach just the way we found it, when we stopped while on our island tour … almost deserted. Be extra careful swimming on this beach. Under no circumstance should you go beyond the protective reef. There are very strong currents beyond these reefs.

Grenada has some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, fitting every taste and preference. You cannot really go wrong with any of the choices above but if none of them piques your interest, there are about 39 more beaches around the island to choose from. Happy vacationing!