J’Ouvert JabJab Grenada Packing Check List

Jab Jab

JabJab the most popular of all traditional mas played in Grenada– French creole for diable (devil) – is a mas where revelers, scantily dressed are covered with black body paint or oil. Operating in packs. Jab Jabs, threatens to besmear spectators unless they pay him off.”   Likened to devil mas,  incorporating the use of cows’ horns, tails, chains, shackles, and restraints to hold back one of the devils in the group.  A reference to slavery. The performance of the Jab Jab is often accompanied by whistles, horns, and drums. 

Grenada JabJab

Jab Jab Packing Check List:

(Remember pack only old or things that you don’t mind throwing away J’ouvert)
Check List:

  • Pack flats, sandals, and comfortable shoes
  • Pack bug repellent (This is a must)
  • J’ouvert disposable clothes…old sneakers or boots and outfit you don’t mind getting dirty with oil or paint on it. Scarf or hat to cover up your hair. Shower cap to put underneath your hat or scarf
  • Fanny pack (walking around with a big purse is a no go during carnival).
  • Waterproof phone cover
  • Travel credit card
  • Don’t forget to contact your bank
  • Tanks and shorts
  • Extra cute bra in case your costume doesn’t fit exactly how you want it on the top.
  • Stockings
  • Extra wash clothes
  • Swimsuits and cover-ups, swimwear
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Beach towel
  • Beach bag
  • Unlock your mobile phone with your carrier or you can buy a local phone.