Home rental site Vrbo

Before there was AirBnb, VRBO was the only game in town if you wanted to rent a vacation home — or a room in someone’s home while on vacation.

Vrbo first launched in 1995, Commonly pronounced as “verb-oh”, Vrbo is an acronym for “vacation rentals by owner,”. Vrbo is a listing site that matches people in search of vacation rentals with property owners who have available vacation homes to rent. Both individual property owners and management companies use Vrbo to attract short-term tenants.

Travelers to Grenada are pretty accustomed to direct communication with hosts due to the rise of online booking platforms like Airbnb. Vrbo helps homeowners bypass the cost of a management company. Today, the site boasts over two million private homes in over 190 countries. HomeAway and Vrbo both run by Expedia Group used to be separately branded sites that shared the same vacation home listings and but as of July 2020, HomeAway has merged into Vrbo. Vacationers familiar with HomeAway will find a very similar look, feel, and style on Vrbo.com.

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When you’re ready to book your vacation rental in Grenada on Vrbo, you will have the option to search for your property by Parish. Booking reservations on Vrbo is easy — vacation renters just enter their information, pay an initial deposit, and they’re all set. Vacationers also get the opportunity to email property owners with questions about the homes they’re interested in before booking the properties.

Vacationers also get certain protections when booking through Vrbo, like fraud protection to ensure that their deposits wind up in the right hands. But in exchange, they’re charged a service fee that can vary based on the cost of the reservation.

If you’re familiar with Airbnb, Vrbo has many similarities, but there are a few key differences when it comes down to the booking experience, service fees, and the health and safety precautions being taken to protect vacationers. The main difference between the two websites is that the vacation homeowners on Vrbo only rent out the whole property, which means you won’t find anyone else sharing the space with you. This is unlike Airbnb where you may also book a room are a sofa in a shared house. Sharing a vacation space with housemates isn’t a be a big issue if the price is right.

When you’re ready to book our vacation rentals on Vrbo, remember that it’s been a trusted name in the vacation rental business for quite some time. all of GrenadaVacationRentals.com homes are listed on Vrbo or AirBnB. Book with confidence.