Things to do in Grenada

St. George’s, The capital of Grenada’s , is one of the most charming cities in the Caribbean, its busy harbor of Carenage flare with sailboats. You can even island hop in Grenada – the quieter islands of Carriacou and Petite Martinique lie off the island’s northeast coast.

Most vacationers to the island spend their time around Grand Anse Beach, one of the best beaches in the Caribbean, but Grenada offers more things to see and do. Waterfalls burst in the island’s interior; hiking trails thread through the lush rainforest; and coral reefs rim the coast, where visitors can swim, snorkel, dive, and fish. History buffs will also enjoy exploring the country’s museums and forts.

St. Patrick Welcome Rocks​

Visit the St. Patrick Welcome Rocks

Welcome Stone and Welcome Rock are the two common names given to this panoramic viewpoint, atop Levera Hill (Piton), a short distance from Bathway, on Grenada’s North East coast. There are two ways to access this stunning lookout – a hike from the village of Mount Rose or a short walk. From this breathtaking vantage point, you can see many of the small uninhabited islands just off the north coast of Grenada.

St. George’s The Carenage

Walk along The Carenage

Take a picturesque walk along The Carenage, the lively waterfront promenade in St. George. The Carenage, is the lively hub of St. George's. It's a lovely place to wander along the waterfront and soak in great views of everything from boats and wandering chickens, to bustling workers preparing the boats to leave for other islands. Explore the shopping centers, or revel in the sight of the radiant city and its infrastructure.

Grand Etang

Grand Etang National Park

Grand Etang Lake sits at the heart of the park, surrounded by a varied network of walking paths and trails. You can stretch your legs along the hiking trails with its mountainous, forest-lined landscape, it’s not difficult to understand why this is the island’s most popular destination for hiking. You're sure to encounter magnificent creatures and more as you explore popular areas as Mount Qua Qua—known for its stunning views of the park—and the beautiful Grand Etang Lake.

River Antoine Rum Distillery

River Antoine Rum Distillery

River Antoine has been churning out bottles of rum since 1785, making it the oldest functioning water-powered distillery in the Caribbean. Attracting history buffs and booze lovers alike, River Antoine can be found between the fields of Saint Patrick in the north. The original distillery buildings from the 18th century are still used to crush and grind the sugarcane. A River Antoine tour will lead you through the rum-making process, from the harvesting of sugar cane to the fermentation to the bottling process. After the tour, you'll be treated to a free sample.

La Sagesse Beach in Grenada

La Sagesse Beach

La Sagesse Beach located in the Parish of St. David with its tropical gardens and calming presence, is an escape from reality. With less than a 5 minute walk from the main road, the quiet, secluded environment is ideal for vacationers. A stunning cove with soft sand, clear waters and lined with palm trees. This is one of the best beaches in Grenada. You can walk the length of the beach and hardly see another person.

The Underwater Sculpture Park in Grenada

Underwater Sculpture Park

The Underwater Sculpture Park. Resting at the sand-bottomed seabed of Moliniere Bay in St. George's, Grenada. The Underwater Sculpture Park's art depicts scenes from Grenadian culture and folklore. The park was designed in 2007 by British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, who later created similar installations around the world. The Underwater Sculpture Park in Grenada has been listed as one of the Top 25 Wonders of the World by National Geographic.

Gouyave Fish Fry

Experience Gouyave Fish Fry

If you love seafood, Head to the center of Gouyave on St. Francis and St. Dominic Street to the Gouyave Fish Fry for a truly authentic, local experience. This traditional event takes place every Friday from 6 pm and continue well into the morning with steel pan entertainment and Caribbean rhythms. Mingle with the locals and taste delicious grilled and fried fish, straight from the boat. Choose from a wide range of seafood dishes including lobster, snapper, conch, shrimp, fish cakes and jerked marlin. Gouyave Fish Fry offers a fun insight into Grenadian life.

St. George's Market Square

Grenada's Market Square

Located in the heart of St. George's, The Market Square welcomes visitors and locals alike looking for handmade crafts, fresh produce, and, of course, spices. Grenada's market is one of the most colorful in the Caribbean. It is at its very most colorful on Saturday mornings. Full with tables of fruit ,vegetables and spices. All set out on tables, shaded by umbrellas. When it comes to souvenir shopping, you can't go wrong at the Market Square.

Fort Frederick

Fort Frederick

At the top of Richmond Hill, Fort Frederick offers stunning views of St. George's and the sea. With more than 250 years of history coalescing between its stony walls and cannon-ready crenulations, Fort Frederick has its feet firmly placed in the high ages of Grenada’s colonial past. The fort has an interesting history. The French began construction of Fort Frederick in 1779, and the British then completed it in 1791. Nicknamed the "backwards facing fort" because its cannons face inland instead of out to sea, thanks to the French who feared a surprise land attack after they used this successful strategy with the British. In 1850, the fort was abandoned completely until it was later occupied by the Grenadian military.


Grenada’s fish market

Stop by Grenada’s Fish Market totaling 11,000 sq. ft, a busy and exciting place where you’re bound to meet some interesting people and get the freshest catch of the da. The market is often filled with customers dropping by for some fresh local fish. The catch of the day include red snapper or barracuda, which are sold at affordable prices. Construction services for this Japanese funded fish market. Facilities include sales counters, freezing and ice making facilities, administrative offices, and storage and toilet facilities .

Vacationing Options are endless in Grenada Wi…

Whether you set off to explore one or all 45 beaches in Grenada, or just take it easy and choose to focus on taking in the history of the island, there are lots of things to do in Grenada that will keep you well occupied during your stay!