Why Choose a Vacation Rental?

 Vacation rentals often provide more space, privacy, and convenience than hotels. They deliver a home away from home experience, enjoy a space where the whole family can spend time together. We have a great range of retreats to meet all needs and budgets. Call or book online now.

The term “Vacation Rental” this way:

“Vacation Rental” means a single-family dwelling, or any portion thereof, utilized for occupancy for dwelling, lodging, or sleeping purposes without the Owner being present for a period of twenty-eight (28) consecutive days or less, other than ongoing month-to-month tenancy granted to the same renter for the same unit, occupancy of a time-share basis, or a condominium hotel.

The term “vacation rental” is synonymous with “short term rental” and “transient use” and does not include homesharing.

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Vacationers have more options when booking vacation rentals. When booking a hotel room, guests usually can’t pick the location or receive all the amenities they want. With vacation rentals, guests can plan their ideal getaway by selecting a home that has everything in a location that suits them at a price they can afford.

If you want it all to yourself, there’s a private rental home in Grenada for you. Those looking for a quiet beach retreat overlooking the ocean can book a home with private beach access and a pool. Adventure seekers can select a home that’s close to ski-in and ski-out or one that sits quietly on a lake in the mountains. Whether in the middle of the action or on the outskirts, there’s a rental available.

Have you ever shared a bathroom with two, maybe four, other people? What about not relaxing at the pool because dozens of people were fighting for space? If so, you know how inconvenient this is, and how you sacrificed privacy.

Vacation rentals provide more privacy than hotel rooms or suites. Guests have the option facilities and eating areas. Renting a home can provide guests with their own bedroom, bathroom, and seating area. Also, when it’s time to unwind, they have a personal, dedicated space. Vacation homes are great for families because parents can put kids to bed, then watch a movie or spend time together, without worrying about disturbing children.

Travel DestinationsVacationers can book multiple hotel rooms to have more privacy, but it’s costly. Why spend thousands of dollars on hotel rooms for a week when booking a vacation rental costs a third of the price? With vacation rentals, guests have more space, and the average cost per night is much lower, saving them potentially thousands of dollars.

Vacation rentals kitchen and dining areas have cookware, utensils, and dishes. Guests may also find board games, books, and Netflix in their rental. They also have the freedom to bring their own entertainment and enjoy it at no charge. No more paying for movies or flipping channels trying to find something to watch.

Many vacation rental homes are also equipped with washers and dryers, so guests can clean laundry without paying hotel fees or taking clothes to the dry cleaner. In some homes, guests also have private hot tubs, pools, and outside seating areas, perfect for relaxing with loved ones. In a vacation rental, travelers feel more at home and feel a sense of local pride because they are part of the community during their stay.